Content Moderation at Scale


Our conference in 2018 has led to a new initiative called the Trust & Safety Professional Association, a new, nonprofit, member-based org that will support the global community of professionals who develop and enforce principles & policies that define acceptable behavior online. Please follow them on Twitter @TSPAInfo. We’ll leave the video and photos from the COMO II up for posterity. 

The COMO Summit on May 7, 2018 was a followup to the “Content Moderation And Removal At Scale Conference” held at Santa Clara Law in February 2018. The DC COMO Summit further explored the vexing challenges that Internet platforms face in moderating content online. Recent phenomena like #deepfakes, Russian election interference, and extremist content are just some of the challenges that our experts explored at COMO.  

1099 14th St NW Suite 101L, Washington, DC 20005

1099 14th St NW Suite 101L, Washington, DC 20005

Featured Participants

The Organizers Of COMO

The COMO Summit is organized by the following organizations. The organizers believe that effective content moderation practices are ones that maximize free expression and personal liberty while maintaining a civil society.

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